This is me. I would say I'm artistic, someone who loves to read, dance, sing and connect with people. I'm a 23 year old Dutch, English and French speaking university student, currently living in Leiden, the Netherlands. I have a cat named Simba. I've lived in four countries across two continents. I started photography when I was 13 spending all my savings buying myself my first DSLR.


My work found me. I began for my own leisure with portraits, family shoots and friend groups and before I knew it, I was shooting at four weddings (for friends and a new experience) over a period of two months. I've had amazing opportunities to grow as a self-made young professional photographer and am looking forward to all that is ahead!



Fine art fotograaf gevestigd in Nederland, gespecialiseerd in bruiloftsfotografie in Nederland, België en Duitsland. Ik ben heel benieuwd naar jullie plannen en beantwoord graag al jullie vragen!

"We hopen dat je andere mensen of echtparen net zo gelukkig kunt maken met je foto's als dat wij zijn!"